Add QR code and RFID scanning to any entrance control gate with EasyScan W

There has been an explosion in the use of QR codes during the COVID-19 pandemic and many property managers are now adding QR code readers to their entrance control systems to take advantage of the technology.

Centaman Entrance Control’s EasyScan W is a convenient, sleek-looking dual bar code and RFID reader that can be integrated with many modern entrance control gates to bring them up to speed. The EasyScan W can scan QR codes from any smartphone screen, making use of the latest technology to enable scanning from a wide variety of angles. It is also compatible with RFID systems reading both MiFare and 125 khz cards, making it a dual scanner that works with QR codes and RFID credentials alike.

Dual scanners of this kind have been hard to find in the past and many companies have opted to integrate stand-alone RFID and QR code scanners into their gate pedestals separately. However, recent technological advances allow the EasyScan W to effectively scan QR codes and RFID codes using a single scanner, taking up less real-estate on an entrance control gate pedestal and removing the potential for visitors to become confused about which scanner to use.

One of the other beauties of the EasyScan W system is that it can be integrated with many existing gates and other third-party hardware, reducing the costs of upgrading and making installation and instant security a breeze. It is suitable for both individual access points or multiple entryways in the same building.

Its high-gloss finish and compact casing can be matched with any interior design, with ten standard options for colours, as well as options to customise the colour scheme to suit company branding or print a logo beneath the glass cover. The EasyGate W is also easy to use, providing visitors with visual and auditory cues to enter once a valid QR code or card has been successfully read.

With the EasyScan W, your building will be well-suited to welcome its visitors in secure style, providing fast entry to those who have been authorised. For more information on the Centaman EasyScan W, view our product information sheet or visit the Contact page of our website to get in touch with our team directly.