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Finding the best entrance control solution for your facility

Is it worth compromising quality for price?

The variety of entrance control systems available and the number of companies providing them has increased dramatically in recent years.

Unfortunately, there is a considerable difference in quality in the range of products available. Many lower-cost products offer shorter life-spans and considerably worse technology.

Why does this matter? Well, for example, slower motors mean barrier gates open slower, giving slower throughput. They also close slower, compromising security, as there is more time for people to tailgate through. Fewer sensors result in ‘blind spots’ in the gate, which means people are more likely to be hit, as they gate cannot accurately work out where they are. Less intelligence means more false alarms, and false alarms can cause the gates to shut and hit people.

With all of this to consider, choosing an entrance control solution can seem utterly overwhelming. How do you make sure you’re comparing apples with apples, and not with oranges?

To make it easier, we’ve pulled together some of the key considerations when choosing an entrance control system for your facility, and how our Centaman Entrance Control systems stack up against them.


Cost seems a simple enough concept but all too many people fail to consider more than the initial purchase price. Costs of operation – such as maintenance, breakdowns and repairs, and replacement –  can be equally, if not more, significant over the life of your entrance control system.

Centaman Entrance Control’s extensive range of entrance control solutions gives us the flexibility to cater to a variety of budgets, while our high-quality products help keep maintenance, breakdown and repair, and replacement costs to a minimum.


You shouldn’t have to compromise the aesthetic appeal of your facility in the name of security. Entrance control solutions are often the first impression clients, customers, visitors and staff will have of your facility and organisation, and first impressions count.

Centaman Entrance Control security gates offer more customisation options than any of our competitors. Typical customisations include pedestal tops composed of coloured glass, Corian, stone, marble or wood; custom metal finishes for the panels such as polished, black or beaded stainless steel from Rimex; and custom designed pedestals to alter the shape, size or layout of the speedgates.

Maintenance requirements

In addition to the obvious security drivers, entrance control systems are often installed to save staff and businesses time and money. If you’re constantly having to do maintenance, routine or otherwise, those benefits are lost.

Centaman Entrance Control solutions require little ongoing maintenance. Where maintenance is required, our expert team can assist, meaning your staff are free to do what they do best – the jobs they were hired for.

Breakdowns and Failures

Having a security gate fail in your lobby isn’t something anyone wants. It’s not only a huge inconvenience, as many gates operate at near capacity for much of the time, but it compromises the security and functionality of your facility.

Centaman Entrance Control gate motors have a mean time between failures of between three million and five million operations. In comparison, some of our competitor’s products have a design life of five million operations, which raises some questions about their mean time between failures.

Optional extras

A stand-alone security solution might not be the best fit for your site. You need to ensure your chosen security solution will talk to, and work seamlessly with, other relevant building systems, features and functionality, both existing and in future.

Centaman Entrance Control offers a range of accessories that integrate seamlessly with its security gates and turnstiles for a flawless security solution for your facility. These include aesthetic features (see customisation), software, lift control, visitor card return, sounds and alarms and remote control functionality for use by reception.


Despite everyone’s best efforts, sometimes things go wrong. And if something does play up with your entrance control system, you want to know you’re well supported. Having confidence that you’ll be able to reach someone who knows what they’re talking about and can guide you or your staff through the process of identifying what’s gone wrong and how to fix it is immensely valuable.

Centaman Entrance Control recognises that not every business is a 9-5 operation and issues aren’t confined to business hours. Our expert support team is available 24/7 to help resolve any issues quickly, with minimal disruption to your business.


A warranty is more than a guarantee that any product or manufacturing faults will be fixed at no cost to your business, it’s an indication that a company backs its products to go the distance.

Centaman Entrance Control offers a 24-month warranty across its standard range of products and a 36-month warranty for its premium range, where many of our competitors only offer 12-month warranties. However, we know from experience that our solutions continue to perform well, well beyond the warranty period.

History and reputation

What do some of the world’s most prestigious brands have in common? Quality and longevity.

To achieve longevity, you’ve got to have a quality offering. It’s easy to deliver something sub-par, at a fraction of the cost, but what happens when that product fails or when the service isn’t up to scratch? People don’t come back. They don’t recommend sub-par companies to others. Those companies go out of business.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, Centaman Entrance Control is the industry expert in supplying, installing and maintaining entrance control solutions for the corporate, government, leisure and attractions industries. And we work with the best. Our manufacturers are ISO 9000 certified, with more than 20 years’ experience manufacturing security gates sold around the world.

Consider this…

There’s more to a security solution than the price tag.

Take a look at what you’re really getting for your money. We encourage you to look at our statistics – mean time between failures, number of sensors, number of safety settings, warranty periods, and more – and compare it with what else is out there.

We’re confident you’ll see what we already know; our products, service and experience are the best the industry has to offer.

If you’d like to know more about Centaman Entrance Control’s security solutions, give our sales team a call on +61 (02) 9906 7522, or email