Centaman Entrance Control launch the new Magnet Direct Drive Motor for improved functionality

CENTAMAN’s next generation EasyGate speedgates will be available with a new state of the art Magnetic Direct Drive (MDD) Motor, designed specifically for this application.

The new MDD motor has taken 36 months and 2,000,000 euros to develop. The MDD motor is made up of a permanent magnetic rotor, a multiphase stator coil and sophisticated control electronics. The movement of the motor is generated by changing the phases and voltage levels on the stator coils. The control electronics detects the position of the rotor whilst controlling the voltage levels according to the torque required by the motor at that precise phase of its movement.

The key advantages of the new motor in the Centurion EasyGate Range include:

  • Faster opening and closing times of the barrier for faster through put and greater security
  • A Hard Lock & Push through feature: This unique feature allows the gate to activate a hard lock for the entry direction whilst allowing emergency opening by pushing the glass wings without any external open signal in the exit direction.
  • Greater reliability with a MCBF of 5,000,000 operations and a designed lifetime of 30,000,000 operations
  • Near silent operation for the quietest speedgate available on the market
  • Low voltage operation to enable easy battery back up to keep the EasyGate operational even in power drop outs

Check out the videos to see the enhanced performance provided by the new MDD motor.



The new MDD motor will be available in the EasyGate range from mid 2016.