New-generation technology gives security gate users more control

After more than 12 years, the next generation of control boards is being rolled out across Centaman’s range of entrance control gates, further improving their performance and serviceability.

Boasting several new features, the control boards combine the latest technology with a user-friendly design.

“The new control board model is a game-changer. We are excited to offer new and improved features for our latest speedgates, including enhanced support, a more powerful processor and advanced input and output functionality,” said Centaman Entrance Control general manager Michael Bystram.

The current turnstile range offers simplified remote support, but gates with the new control board will have significantly improved remote diagnostics, firmware updates and other remote support functionality. The new gates will be IP addressable so they can be controlled from anywhere with the relevant security protocols.

Online diagnostic, auto-reporting, remote turnstile communication and preventative maintenance features are being added for improved efficiency, with plans to introduce a step-by-step diagnostic guide to ensure trouble-free operation.

“The built-in information and diagnostic display, now on an OLED screen, will show you all the necessary data without the hassle of connecting to a service laptop,” Mr Bystram said.

With a larger memory, new gates will also have more room for recording operations and diagnostic data.

Dual-opening mode is an optional input on new gates. It allows a wide lane on the EasyGate SPT or IM to have two opening settings, with the gate either opening to 650 mm wide for people on foot or 1,050 mm wide for wheelchair users. This increases security and reduces the chance of people walking side-by-side through gates in wider lanes that are designed to comply with Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

One of the improved outputs is the additional alarm options to suit clients’ needs. Tailgating and crossover alarms have been separated from the general alarm output so they can be monitored and responded to individually. Additional optional outputs include breach alarms, such as an alarm triggered by the climb-detection tops or anti-crawl sensors.

A sound module is also integrated into the systems, allowing users to set up sound effects and voice commands.

“Our older gates offer many great features, but our new products offer customers more options to customise their access control with add-ons,” Mr Bystram said.

Swing barrier speedgates were the first to adopt the new technology last month, with the EasyGate Elite to follow this month, the Superb in March and EasyGate Slide later in the year.

Control board manufacturers COMINFO are working on integrating more features into the systems, which will be announced soon.