New entrance control solution saves labour and generates revenue

A new entrance solution from security experts Centaman Entrance Control is promising to make premises more secure and profitable. The ‘Pay2Go’ solution will manage access to and take payments for attractions and facilities, negating the need for a ticketing system or for staff members to always be on the gate.

The EasyGate SPA speedgate Pay2Go solution.

Pay2Go works by offering automatic entrance fee collection, which reduces waiting times and allows facilities to generate regular, stable revenue. It provides attraction and facility managers with the flexibility to incorporate payment functionality into entrance control gates, tripod turnstiles, or wall mounted boxes that can enable controlled access to a door when a payment is made.

Centaman Entrance Control General Manager Michael Bystram says the new system is perfect for places with a medium to high frequency of visitors, such as public toilets, transport, museums, sport centres and supermarkets.

“Our Pay2Go products are designed to make the purchase process self-explanatory for customers and give a high return on investment by reducing staff workload,” he says.

“The automatic self-service purchasing process offers various types of payment methods, including both coins and EFTPOS, and the display is intuitive with minimalist, easy to understand illustrations.”

The BAR SPA tripod Pay2Go solution.

With features such as five safety and security levels, sensors to detect jump over and crawl under, a dedicated security lock and automated alarm, the gates provide a reliable access control which naturally decreases vandalism and mistreatment of facilities.

The Pay2Go solution also comes with its own app, which comes with entrance fee settings, gives an accurate recording of customer flow, and provides comprehensive reporting of things such as alarm conditions and cash balances, all of which are exportable to Microsoft Excel and similar software.

The Door SPA wall-mounted Pay2Go solution.

The full suite of solutions – comprised of speedgates, tripods and wall boxes – is now available in both Australia and New Zealand.

Centaman Entrance Control has been delivering security solutions in Australia and New Zealand for more than 15 years. It supplies, installs and maintains entrance control gates to suit a variety of organisations and settings.