Lock up superior security with the Door Detective Plus

Coming soon to the Australian and New Zealand markets, a major upgrade to the Door Detective Plus will significantly bolster the ability of organisations to manage security on sliding doors, fire doors and other double-door entranceways.

While in the past, Centaman Entrance Control’s Door Detective has been well-suited to preventing tailgaters from accessing controlled areas, the Door Detective Plus upgrade will prevent sidegaters from sneaking through.

“The issue with most beam-based security monitoring systems has always been that if two people collude and walk through side by side, the system is beaten,” says Michael Bystram, General Manager at Centaman Entrance Control. “The wider the door, the easier it is to pass through side by side. The Door Detective Plus will soon solve this issue and more with its upgraded features.”

When released in mid-2022, the new Door Detective Plus will be available for use in doorways and entrances up to 2.1 metres in height, and is suitable for the security of double doors – including sliding double doors, which were previously unsuitable.

“No one really sells anything like the Door Detective Plus in Australia, so it will be a major step up to help with these kind of applications,” Bystram says.

The Centaman Door Detective uses an infra-red field across an access-controlled doorway to monitor the number of people who enter after a swipe card is used to gain access, and is ideal for securing high-value rooms or areas. Its sensors are unobtrusive in design and appearance, are Disability Discrimination Act compliant, and offer a throughput rate of one person per second, allowing for shorter queues and wait times. It also uses a Fastlane CPU, for superior operation and detection capabilities.

In a world when it is harder to know who will be in the office on any given day due to COVID-19, the Door Detective Plus provides an extra layer of security and monitoring that is essential for safe yet efficient movement throughout an organisation.