Leisure Park Balga speedgate

Streamlined access at Leisurepark – Balga refurbishment

Balga Glass Turnstile Installation

Leisurepark – Balga is a community leisure centre with a swimming pool, fitness centre, sports courts and meeting rooms located in the City of Stirling, Western Australia. The site receives over 320,000 visits per year.

Leisurepark – Balga is a public facility, and required a solution to efficiently manage entry to the fitness centre and swimming pool, which have separate entrances.

With the new speedgates, it’s very clear what is an entry or exit. We’re finding the speed of access has greatly improved.
– Luke Ellis, Facility Manager, Leisurepark – Balga

The site experiences high visitor numbers at certain times of the day, so needed streamlined and efficient entry. There are also disabled pool visitors and parents of young children, so the gates needed to be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, mobility frames, and extra-wide buggies.

Leisure Park Balga speedgate

Centaman Entrance Control worked to establish efficient access as part of a refurbishment of Leisurepark – Balga. This included three lanes of EasyGate SG speedgates for pool access and two lanes of EasyGate SG speedgates for gym access. The gates are 1,000mm wide to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act and accommodate extra-wide buggies and prams.

The glass barriers on the speedgates were sandblasted with ‘Entry’ and ‘Exit’ to clearly indicate the correct lane. They are integrated with the building’s facility management software, allowing automated entry using an access card. They can also be manually controlled by staff using the administration terminal. The barriers are integrated with the building’s fire alarm system, and are set up to automatically open during a fire or power outage to allow for emergency exit.

Speedgate at Leisure Park Balga

EasyGate SG speedgates can handle high visitor numbers, and close quickly to deter tailgating. They are also a safe option, thanks to the inclusion of optical sensors that monitor the area near the barriers and prevent them from closing if there is an obstruction.